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This is where you can buy downloads or order prints and also check out the whole set of photos included on the DVD-ROM PhotoDisc available from the DVD Video ordering site
01 Kill the Lights02 Everybody Wants ot be a Cat03 Muinerias IV04 Juicy05 Alive06 Shine Like Rainbows - Sat Evening perf06 Shine Like Rainbows - Tuesday perf08 When We're Together07 Mamma Mia09 Shipping Up To Enter Sandman10 Tambourine11 A Whole New World12 Pon de Replay13 I'm in Love with a Monster14 Fresh Prince of Bel'Air15 Tea Party18 The Way You Look Tonight16 Mary Poppins Medley17 Tico Tico19 Irish Eyes20 Feeling Good21 From Now On22 Rainbow Connection23 Circle of Life24 Viaxe25 Poppin Non-Stop26 Shang a Lang27 Requiem for a Tower28 Shannon Reel29 Spice Girls Remix30 Ballroom Blitz31 Tanquerary32 Nancy Mulligan33 42nd Street34 Seven Nation Army35 Wonderful Life36 Fairy Dance37 Gimme the Night38 Love Train - Tuesday perf38b Love Train - Saturday perf39 New York New York40 Mermaid Party41 A Million Dreams42 Freedom! 90 X Cups43 Jai Ho44 A Pheasant Plucker45 Rhythm of my Heart46 Better When I'm Dancing47 MacPhail48 What About Us49 Get Ghost50 Hamilton Mix51 Mama52 Get'cha Head in the Game53 Boogie Wonderland54 The Island55 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Remix56 Heaven57 Welcome to Wonderland58 Everybody Get Up59 Motown Medley60 Someone in the Crowd61 Raining Sunshine62 Mama Mia Mash Up FINALE