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All 542 photos can be bought on the PhotoDisc which is a CD-ROM. PhotoBox do lots of different sizes of prints - I've kept the available products listed here small to make it easier for you but if you want a print size or product not listed here just drop me an email and I can make it available for you. Also please note that if you order a 10x8 or 7x5 print that a small area of the image will be cropped off. You can preview the crop to check in any case and move the printed area to one side or the other to make sure that no-one important is going to get cut off!.
01 Lights Music Dance02 Just Jen03 Tinies, Pre-Primary and Primary4 Just Gemma5 Hope6 Lady Cadets7 Lyrical8 Circus Shakers09 Clowning Around10 Fire Dance11 Neon Dreams12 Mid Air13 Tappin' Around14 A Dance Class15 Karen & Lynsey16 Urban Rhythm17 Gonna Run This Show18 My Love19 Once Upon a Time (Act 2)20 Birth, Death and a Wedding21 7th Birthday Party22 Mirror Mirror23 The Hunstsman & The Forest24 Friendly Forest25 Starlight to Safety26 Rubies & Dwarves27 The Dwarves Meet Snow WhitePoison28 Bluebirds29 Mirror Mirror & The Spell31 Stag Hunter32 The Wedding33 Finale