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Created 4-Aug-16
TWINKLE TOES - EVOLUTION SCHOOL OF DANCE JUNIOR SHOW 2014 - A lot of photos to look through here which you can order individually from this site. <br> A CD-ROM PhotoDisc is also available and includes all the photos from Twinkle Toes seen here taken at the Sunday Dress Rehearsal and can be ordered along with the DVD for a special price at <a href="">PhotoGFX Media</a> online shop.<br> If you're new to using photobox, you may like to know that once you've chosen a photo, you can crop it or change the enlargement size. <br /> It's worth noting that a 7"x5" or 10"x8" print will loose some of the image at the sides, but by using the crop tool you can make sure nothing important is missing! <br /> Better still, choose 6"x4", 7.5"x5" or 12"x8" and you'll get the whole original image. You can also choose between gloss or matt finish. <br /> Finally, if you'd like a Black & White version of a particular print - email me using the link on the left and I'll make it available here for you at the same prices. <br>
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